Morgan Legal Group PC, our Beginnings and Mission.

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The Morgan Legal Group is comprised of focused and determined legal minds. Our approach to each case is tailored to the client’s needs and examined exhaustively so that we can assure the best outcome. Unlike other large law firms, anytime a client has a question or concern they can speak with an attorney to address their inquiry promptly and fully. We take pride in consistently solving complex legal issues, so, no matter the case, we are informed and prepared to win.



Each case is unique, but our professionalism and dedication to detail is unchanging. Our clients can expect 100% attention and care from our legal experts, who work ceaselessly until we win your case.



When we take on your case, our time and efforts are dedicated to you. The legal service we supply our clients is personalized and exemplary so that we can reach a positive outcome for each case. At Morgan Legal PC, we take client trust incredibly seriously. We aim to reassure our clients at every turn that our relationship with them is the most important thing to us. Once you are our client, you are our responsibility- a privilege we do not take lightly.



The Morgan Legal team employs only the brightest and most determined lawyers; their knowledge and dedication to each case guarantees a win. We strive for consistency in our excellence and a devotion to communication so that our clients are never left behind.

Our Affiliations

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

Russel Morgan

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Our History

Morgan Legal Group offers legal assistance and representation in a multitude of legal areas; with a focus in probate affairs and a specialization in Elder Law matters, Guardianship cases related to immigration, estate planning, consumer advocacy, consumer and commercial real estate deals, harassment by debt collectors, business sales, corporate formations, and commercial litigation. Our firm has successfully and often represented clients who have been harmed by corporations or individuals.

Transparency Is Essential

Client Driven

Getting Started

The Morgan Legal Group PC is at the forefront of trial preparation and takes pride in our exemplary, client-centered legal assistance. We care about you and your case; your trust in our legal services will not be taken for granted. Morgan Legal has offices located in Paramus, New Jersey and the state of New York. If you come to visit Morgan Legal Group PC, we will find a resolution to your legal troubles; whether it is an in or out of state matters, we have you covered.

It All Begins with a Conversation:

Communication is essential to getting to know each other, with each client we create a foundation of trust for individuals to feel comfortable sharing their story. We will ensure that your experience with our law group will be fulfilling; our legal team never disappoints.

Know Your Rights:

Each case is unique, which is why we take the time to learn the details of your situation so we can cater our work to suit your circumstances.

Define Your Objectives:

We are here to help our clients discover and iterate their goals, once defined, we will find an innovative solution to accomplish them together.

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we work hard
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We at Morgan Legal Group know your personal circumstances are unique and we are proud of our ability to respond to your goals and furnish our services to your needs.

Estate Planning

There are an array of estate planning skills our service offers. Each technique is applied judiciously to the particulars of a client’s case so we can best ensure a win for every individual.


Our Attorneys have years of topnotch legal practice; we use this experience to secure our clients’ needs in matters of wills and trust probates.

Wills and Trusts

Our clients have access to our extraordinary expertise in both the drafting and execution of Wills and Trusts. We work expeditiously but take time to tailor the Will and Trust to fit the needs of each client.

Estate Taxes

We protect and secure all our clients’ financial matters. It is our prerogative to ensure that each clients’ assets are safe, to best meet their expectations and goals.
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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Russel Morgan